Friday, October 22, 2010

Adrenaline. Noradrenaline.

was sitting at d back of d class durin bio lesson two days ago.
n my fren suddenly asked:
' hey, whats d difference between adrenaline and noradrenaline? '
i paused for a moment. trying hard to think for d difference.
after a few seconds...
' one of them is a Malay girl. Nor Adrenaline'

im a genius!!!! hahahahahahahahahaha

Sunday, May 24, 2009

hello to form6, byebye to darlings~

hello to waking up at 5.30am,
byebye to 睡到自然醒 n stay in the bathroom for half an hourhello to white canvas school shoes,
byebye to bella italia colorful sport shoes
hello to form6 uniform, white blouse and turqouise skirt,
bye bye to MIN-ish jeans and beach shortshello to short fingernails,
byebye to prettae long nails~hello to boring black color wig-like hair,
byebye to 金毛~hello to schoolwork and assignments,
bye bye to vacations n drunk~


Saturday, May 16, 2009



就算你背叛了我 也不用内疚 我们直接分手吧

放心 你不会不舍得这份感情

从你背叛我那一刻开始 这段情就没有不舍得了

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

flu isn't just flu~

so yea... flu isn't jst flu.... not jst runny nose, cough, n sore throat~
they r so frenly that they would like to bring their whole extended family to come n say hi to u~ =.=
hm.. jst now my facial bones were in real pain... when i sleep i got muscle cramp, and takda suara~~ X.X

i riyeli riyeli riyeli riyeli beh tahan d lar!!!! adoi sayang oi! i really wanna sit on the floor and weep lk a kid ar~ T.T

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

LCM grad~

LCM= London College of Music... NOT Lamers' College Malaysia (altough i'm a graduate fr this school too~ ^.^)
okai, this post is bout my LCM graduation... n ... my first graduation ever, kkkk... 感触良多~ was held on 25th apr at the legend hotel, kl.

guess who i met there?? unbelievable~~
cin cin cin cin cindae~~~~~~~ (feels lk i saw allah when i saw her... i've lil frens there T.T)
n june~
trying 2 b count dracula with faussy faustina
n yea!! i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee my robe~~~ ~.~ (come dar, lets take a pic~look at the mirror n smile~)
the ceremony was lk... procession of diplomates, then grand procession platform party (i love this d most~ so grand), musical performances, and presentation of diplomates to the platform party. one of the platform party members is so beautiful n elegant, ms elaine kang, n according to my dad, she was a famous singer, her cn name is jiang meng lei...

see... thats our min~~ kkk... the professor i met him b4 in early april in ipoh, so on d grad day, i said hello sir, n he said... 'nice 2 meet u AGAIN~' *manyak zadao =.=*

this pic... make the rm50++ toll fee worthy~~ =.=

hahh, so yea, lazy post, lots of pics few words~~ nyways, wish me al d best in my future~
虽然 到现在为止 我的前途 我仍然看不见一丝光线.

Friday, April 24, 2009


有5个成员 ( *小小声* 这个是很微小的数字~ 我们家的爸爸其实还有很多不在我们家的家庭成员)
有爸爸 妈妈 后妈 女儿


橙色后爸的情人vei, 青色傻仔 con, 巧克力爸爸 min, 红色妈妈 yin, 黑色后爸 yan .... 这个就是我们家~ *温馨温馨*

都长得很可爱很漂亮很帅吧??嗯? 没办法啊~ 家庭 遗传~~ 哎~

不过其实... 我们家挺可怜的... 很穷~ 穷得连被都买不起
我们家 什么都没有 (哎哟可怜我的宝贝傻仔了~)... 我们家.... 有的.... 只是.... .... 只是..... .... 钱~~ T.T

may god bless our family!!!! (yesh, bad ending~ kkk.... )

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i'm sorry.

dear all,
jst wanna say sorry to some of my fwens, n some schoolmates, or fwen's fwens, or jst ppl around me or anybody who passed by me b4~

there's a prob with me, i understand n m fully aware of it.
some of u know bout it. when i pass by some fwen, or fwen's fwens, or strangers, or schoolmates, i dont smile, nor i say hi, nor i look into people's eyes... i jst walk s if i dn see anything.

i really wanna express my apology here to those people.
i'm sorry.

n hm.. actually... when i do that... its not that i m lc-ing... nor i m ego, nor i act that i dont know you... its just... hm... i'm... shy~ =.=
yea, it sounds weird, but its true.
i don't talk a lot to people i'm not familiar with, its not that bcoz i'm not friendly, i do hope that i can have a nice chat with 'em n b fwens, its jst... hm~ shy~~ T.T

to the ones who i've annoyed or hurt 'em, i'm sorry, n plz 4giv me. i hereby promise that i'll change n improve myself to become a better person.

with love ( n sry ^.^),